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Different Types of Jobs We Do

We proudly serve all of Orange County with an array of electrical jobs ranging from commercial to residential. Take a look. 

Chandelier Installation

Chandeliers can be tricky. And can be overlooked quite often from customers in a sense of what is necessary to install them. Here at O’Hagan electric we are always trying to make sure that we are being safe and providing the best service for our customers. Here are some of our pictures of our work that we’ve done in the past. Here are also some illustrations and questions for you to look at so you could be prepared when we get to your home.


We always ask the standard questions

-The height of your ceiling?

-The weight of your of your room. If it is above 20 feet in the air, we have to get a scaffold.

-The diameter of your chandelier?

-Is it on a stairway?

-Is there crystals to install or glass pieces?

-Is there already a junction box for this location?

Ceiling Fan Installation

For any electrician, this is the most basic and asked question. Do we install fans? Well, yes we do. Of course, we do. Here are some guides that might help you along the way down below for choosing the different types of fans for your rooms and being ready for us when we are there.

Standard 220 Volt Oven/Stove/Induction Ovens

Do we do dedicated lines for these items above? Yes we do! But they can be very tricky and it is recommended some times for one of our train technicians to come to your house so we can walk through the process and see the best route/location to do, our work. Usually we like to do the most non-invasive. But sometimes the most not invasive doesn’t look the best so we always want to discuss all these options with you.

EV Charging Stations/Nema 1450 Outlets

We install them all day long for all of our residential customers. We always provide with the best quality to guarantee, long lasting and safety. We install right behind the panel, which is typically in the garage or we can put it anywhere else in the garage you may want.


Jacuzzi/Spa Installation

Providing dedicated lines all the time and working with the local spas/Jacuzzi companies to make sure that we can provide safe and up to code electrical runs with the right kind of modifications to be incorporated with newer technology for the Jacuzzis/spas which may be with disconnects or sub panels and of course GFCI breakers with accommodating code, and being compliant.


Landscape Lighting

There are so many different types of lights you can choose from. We are here to help guide you and show what is needed and necessary to achieve the best and most beautiful cost-effective lighting for your outside front and back home. Whether it would be for decoration or purposeful lighting.


Electrical Main Panel, Upgrades/Sub Panel Upgrades

We are here to make these things happen. And we do in accordance to every single city. Also working along with inspectors and the electrical company. May it be SDG&E or California Edison. Always making sure that we are code compliant. And guiding our customers through the extensive/time-consuming process that we fully take care of. Not to mention our panels look really amazing and they are solar ready.


Undercabinet lighting

We do it every single day in every single way. May it be with the 120 Volt hook ups or having it low voltage being 12 to 24 Volts with the wire strips.  We know exactly what needs to happen and guide the customer through what their Options are.


Install Customer Supplied TV

Today’s age everybody has flatscreen TVs. We are here for you when it comes to that. We can install the TV in the location you want it, either being above the fireplace which is very common or on a big wall. We also install a plug for you and will run the data cables that you supply.


Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Insulation

Do you know that every single time you get a permit, the city mandates that you have to sign off, letting them know that you do have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your house for safety purposes. Well, we are here for you and we will take care of that for you as well.


Wall Timer Installation

In today’s age, everybody is going smart with their switches. Well, if you’re looking for something a little less extreme, but still very extremely effective this type a timers, definitely does the job.


Surge Protection (Whole House)

o you know as of 2023 it is in the code book that your house should have a surge protection to help protect from outside and inside sources. We can now provide a surge protection that is at your main panel, which does just that. And every single day all your appliances in your house create surges through the backend, which causes stress on all your other appliances. Also, this item protects from major electrical service from the outside sources like transformer fails.


LED's in Your Garage

Time to get rid of your fluorescent lights. We can either retrofit your existing or install brand new ones in your garage, which makes a huge difference between knowing what you’re looking at and not.  This also includes your kitchen where they used to be fluorescent lights.


Outdoor String Lights

Everybody wants them. They could either provide extreme amount of light or you can have them on a dimmer and we can dim them down to where they are nice and comfortable so you can relax and have a glass of wine and sit by the bonfire.


Garbage Disposal, and Dishwasher GFCI’s

So if you don’t know, GFCI’s, are there to protect you from when there is wet this around. What a GFCI does is it automatically shut off when there’s a wetness, that could harm your electrical circuit. And code states that your kitchen sink the plug for your dishwasher and garbage disposal needs to be changed and Rewired underneath there to provide better safety.


Kitchen Remodels

We absolutely do them. Bringing your kitchen up to code is actually a very necessary thing. And there are a lot of things that have been added to make your kitchen function at its best. So if you were working with a contractor, definitely make sure that he is using a licensed C10 electrician

And if they are doing your kitchen justice by adding the necessary, circuits to bring things up to working standards. List of necessary circuits.

(Two Countertop Circuits, Microwave Circuit, Refrigerator Circuit, Hood Circuit, Stove Circuit, Dishwasher Circuit, Garbage Disposal Circuit) if you don’t have all these circuits definitely call your local licensed electrician


High Locations, (Scaffolding/Big Ladders)

Safety is our most important thing when it comes to heights. So we take it very seriously. So we want to make sure that we do things correctly and efficiently. So when it comes to Heights. We do have the necessary items and we will also have the necessary conversations.


Recessed Lighting

Nowadays, everybody has recessed lighting in their home. But there are such a few that do not, and we are here to help. We can put them in your bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, closets, even cupboards if you need. There are different types of sizes all around. And putting them with an LED, and on a dimmer is a definite must.


There’s also different types of lights nowadays, when it comes to projection.

Calvin - color tone projection

Lumens - amount of light projected


Christmas (Quick Plugs)

Nowadays, new homes come with a Christmas light circuit which has a switch to plugs that are around the outside of the house up under the eaves.


Now to do that, after the fact can be quite expensive, so this is a quick solution to give you a Dedicated Circuit or two for plugs underneath your panel that you can tap, right into. 


Bathroom/Laundry Ventilation Fans 

Now per code every single bathroom now has to have a ventilation fan even if you have a window. And guess what? We can definitely provide that for you and vented it out as well. 


Install Smart Doorbell or Motion Light

Everything is so smart everywhere we go. Even our doorbell and our lights, so we definitely provide the smart choices and technology. 


Bidet dedicate lines?

With the fashion of not having to use toilet paper as much, and getting a much deeper fresher cleanse when using the restroom, this is becoming more and more of a need for our customers. And we are more than happy to provide the necessary dedicated circuit for these items that are for people's homes nowadays. (Once you go Biget you won’t go back!)

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