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O'Hagan Electrics - 3 Tips for Buying Your Perfect Chandelier

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Everyone has a specific style of chandelier that they like. A chandelier is like a beautiful piece of jewelry that adds the perfect finishing touch to an evening gown. It is that one thing that takes the look from beautiful to absolutely gorgeous.

But how do you know what the right chandelier is for you and your space? Is it too big? Too small? Or the wrong style all together?

To answer these questions and more, here are 3 chandelier tips for choosing the perfect chandelier to make your home shine.

1. Size Matters

O'Hagan Electric | Local Electrician | Electrician

Everyone tends to go big or go home when it comes to chandeliers. When trying to figure out if big or small or 2 or more are called for – you can use our simple guide.

Chandeliers for a Dining Room:

  • Your chandelier should be about 12 in. narrower than the dining table surface.

  • The design should also have at least 4 ft. of distance from the room walls. Making sure that your chandelier ‘floats’ with enough breathing around it is key.

Chandeliers for a Living Room or Entryway:

O'Hagan Electric | Local Electrician | Electrician

  • For every foot of ceiling height allow 2-3 in. in chandelier height.

  • To find your perfect size- add the length and width of your room and convert the total to in.

  • For example, a room that’s 12-ft. x 14-ft. would require a design that’s around 26-in. wide (12 plus 14 gives you the width of 26).

2. Double or nothing

Sometimes one chandelier is the perfect size above a dining table or island. But sometimes, 2 or even 3 are better than one. Depending on the size of your space.

If you have a long table - think length in lighting. You want to make sure to illuminate the center 2/3 of the table. But it's also preference.

A favorite way to get the look and right light is to go with several smaller chandeliers rather than one large chandelier.

3. Style your room

O'Hagan Electric | Local Electrician | Electrician

Whether you go with vintage inspired, modern luxe, industrial or something in between, think about the style of your space and what message you are trying to send with your chandelier choice.

- Is it simple and elegant?

- Show stopper?

- Blending in and getting along?

There are so many ways that your chandelier can make your room feel different- and the choice is all yours.

If your room if full of architectural interest and charm- something elegant, classic and traditional will compliment perfectly.

If it is spare and modern in design – you can add more bling to make a statement or keep it simple to keep the look.

We hope that these 3 tips help you choose your perfect chandelier and no matter why style, size or finish you are looking for.

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